Autumn wedding

01.11.2018Елизавета Де Паоли

Many future newlyweds like autumn colors, filled with warm cozy hues and shades, where nature itself gives a unique decor.

Autumn Wedding is as rich in options for the celebration of events in the nature, as well as summer.

When choosing a venue for a wedding in autumn, look for a place of combined type-indoor and outdoor areas nearby. It can be a semi-open hall of a restaurant, a cozy loft with a spacious terrace. Then during the wedding ceremony you will be ready for any weather conditions, and the outdoor area will help to enjoy the magnificent autumn views and aromas of nature.

If the autumn wedding is planned for late October-November, it is worth considering closed places that will protect from the cold and possible rains. However, the wedding registration event is possible even in late autumn. Pick a place for the ceremony, nearby the main event area , with a beautiful area with a gazebo or canopy.

For wedding ceremonies in autumn we recommend old manors with park or cozy rooms with a fireplace. In autumn, the light day is shorter, usually the wedding Banquet in open air has to start earlier, so that the guests of the celebration can enjoy the charm of nature before dusk.

Do not forget that the evenings are cooler, it is important to provide blankets for guests or “ heat guns” to keep people warm. In case of rain – umbrellas.

Жених и невеста с букетом в лесу

And for a small wedding celebration a place with comfortable chairs around the bonfire area with give the final touch to the evening, guests will enjoy the romance of the flame in the open air and the warmth of kindhearted conversations.