«...if Love be blind , love cannot hit the mark...»

W. Shakespeare


Dear friends, welcome everyone, my name is Elizaveta De Paoli! I am glad to see You on our website!

Family is the real value of our lives. And this is one of the reasons why I started organizing weddings and other events.

My life and family are connected with Italy. During my stay in this country, I was doing my favorite thing, organizing weddings and other events. And then came the moment to use my skills at Home, in Russia.

Coming to our wedding agency, You have a wonderful opportunity to realize your most incredible dreams and get an ideal wedding.

My team and I are looking forward to seeing You, dear lovers! We are happy to take over the organization of the wedding of your dreams. We will consider all your wishes, we will save You from stress, sparing your time and correctly distributing your budget.

Share your story with us and we will bring it to life!




With respect and love,

Elizaveta De Paoli


We will undertake all organizational efforts required for the preparation of your wedding, starting with the development of the concept and finishing with the organization of your honeymoon, both in Russia, either abroad!


Why is the concept of your wedding celebration so important? This is the basis of the whole wedding, defining the style, setting up the tone and mood of the event.

The concept of the wedding gives you the possibility to make it original and unique, harmonious and reflecting the uniqueness of your couple.


In order to organize a perfect wedding you need a perfect place. There are many options:

  • banquet hall

  • restaurants

  • snow-white tents, spread out in nature

  • old mansions, palaces and lofts

  • motor ship or yacht

  • golf and yacht clubs

  • glades on the edge of the forest and beaches

We are happy to offer you the most interesting and unusual places suitable for your celebration!


Experience the magical moment by telling each other " Yes!" in the nature or in an old castle ! May be in an old mansion near a river? Or maybe on the beach or in the open ocean...?


Wedding decor allows you to transform any space creating a fabulous atmosphere. It should be beautiful and functional, creating harmony, responsible for the overall style of the event.

The success of the floral design of the wedding relies on a harmonious combination of the color range and well-placed accents.

Nothing can delight us more and give bright emotions as an exquisite decoration with fresh flowers!


Wedding invitation! Another main element of the decor that emphasizes the concept of your wedding and confers exclusivity. Usually the invitations indicate the date and time, place of the wedding celebration and dress code.

It is important not to forget about the seating plan, guest cards, menu and wine card, letters of thanks and the book of wishes for the newlyweds.


In order to complete the overall style of the celebration , You require a harmoniс and perfect image, and You cannot limit yourself to the choice of the wedding gown!

Do not follow the trend! The wedding dress must be chosen in accordance with the individual characteristics of your figure.

The images of our brides are created by the best stylists and make-up artists. Wedding accessories and bridal bouquet will help You up to complete the image!

Dear grooms, we will not forget about You too !


No one will prevent You to ride to your wedding in:

  • luxury carriage

  • retro car. It will take You to the 30th years

  • Rolls Royce will emphasize the bourgeois touch

  • cabriolet with its elegant style

A Rocker style wedding will give You the opportunity to ride with the breeze on motorcycles. For weddings in eco-style You can ride horses, and if your celebration takes place next to the water, your wedding vehicle may well be a snow-white boat or yacht!


The photos and film of the marriage will be living memories of the most important day of your life. Trust our professionals and You will not regret!


Special attention should be paid to the choice of the host. It is very important for him to be able to keep the attention of not only your guests but also of the artists.

We will select a professional host and artists for your entertainment in order to create a harmonious atmosphere of the wedding celebration. Sometimes only a few unique performances can turn a celebration into a real fairy tale and give unforgettable emotions to You and your guests!


The most important and expected dessert at the wedding is of course the cake!

The design of the wedding cake will be selected in accordance with the style of your event. A cake decorated with fresh flowers will look elegant and dainty.

And don't forget, friends, to taste the toppings! The cake should be not only beautiful and stylish, but also tasty!


The most romantic place in the world - the sky is blue , the sea has an incredible taste of new life, where thousand - year-old castles and ancient estates fascinate You with their mysterious beauty, where the air has the smell of peach and freshly cut grass. It seems that History has stopped, in order to connect with time. Italy! A country that with its natural beauty and historical value will be the best place in the world to tell each other "Yes!"

Isn't that what You dreamed about all your life?


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