Wedding trends 2018

16.01.2018Елизавета Де Паоли

Every year Pantone color Institute announces the main color of the year. In 2017, the Color Greenery fostered his positions due to a massive presence in wedding decoration, in the new incoming year it was replaced by a new King- the Ultra Violet.

The Ultra Violet color acquires luxurious tonality not only by adding shades of gold, but also with shades of silver.
In the wedding decoration field, we can witness now minimalism. Sophistication, simplicity and elegance are now the must. Less=more

Round tables are no more on fashion, and we are back again to rectangular shaped tables. The core of wedding decoration will not concentrate any more on chairs and tables, but will go to the ceilings and walls. “Pendant’ decoration style is on trend nowadays.

Particular attention should be paid to textures recalling marble and shades of copper.

Chamber wedding celebration, minimalism, simplicity, sophistication and elegance in the wedding decoration – these are the features of a stylish wedding in 2018!